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About us

„Personalo galimybių studija“ is a trademark belonging to UAB CURSUS. Consisting of experts in the fields of psychology, law and finance, the company offers the best practical knowledge to suit client‘s needs.
During 10 years of intensive professional activity, we have developed more than 60 training programs for public and private sector organizations. Our clients are banks and telecommunication companies, real estate and advertising agencies, insurance companies and many others. Our aim is to professionally serve our clients’ needs and build valuable and long lasting cooperation.

Daivutė Hehnen

I am the founder and director of the company. Having worked as psychologist-consultant in various organizations for many years, I had seen many external consultants being able to offer only theoretical solutions to practical problems. Therefore, I have established my own company in 2006. The company involves experts who are working in Lithuanian and foreign companies, and are ready to serve our client when needed. Such way of working guarantees the best and tangible result.
Working as organizational psychologist for more than twenty years, I have knowledge as well as practice in psychology and organization consulting. I believe that there are no bad employees: either employees perform the job that does not suit them, or they are not empowered to perform better. Therefore, I strive to match the needs of employee and company.

Daivutė Hehnen

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